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These guns were made in Japan by Olin-Kodensha, builders of Winchester 101s. I bought it new from sears in 1971 for shooting skeet. J. Gun Make Code / Description of Firearm being purchases. Everything that went on in the Kodensha facility was very convoluted and was cause for Winchester to dissolve the partnership. Co. Lockup is tight. •. It only takes a little wear to lower the price. Browning turned to originally when he was dissed by the old Winchester in the very beginning. This code table is provided as an example of the data normally found within it. At the time it was a parent corporation of Winchester. 410-bore versions of the Winchester 101 start at 200,000 and move upwards over 228,500. The Olin Corporation is an American manufacturer of ammunition, chlorine, and sodium hydroxide. N. Davis Guns /LC Davis & Sons DAY Dansk Rekylriffel Syndikat /Schouboe DBA Dubiel Arms Co DCR Roger Dacin DDE Dornaus & Dixon Enterprises Inc DEA DemonMarine? DEB Defense DEC Decker DEE Defender (handgun) DEF Defiance Mfr Inc DEG Degtyarev DEH Henry Deringer Sr & Jr DEI G Decortis DEK Dek-Du DEL Delphian Arms Co DEM Fabrica DArmes F Delu DEN September 2016. Selling on consignment and we cannot accept trade ins or laybys. 12 gauge. Excellent condition - shotgun - 28" O/U, VR, SKEET choke on top barrel, SKEET choke on bottom barrel, chambered for 2-3/4" shells - gloss finished checked forearm and stock equipped with capped pistol grip and a black checkered Winchester buttplate; both forearm and stock remain in Excellent sound condition with stock showing few light handling marks - retains about 99% blue finish with very The earliest (my favorite) Winchester Model 101s were introduced around 1963 and were made by Olin Kodensha in Japan (I think the Model 101 was the first firearm ever sold by an American manufacturer that was made in Japan). Alexander Forsyth, a Scot, patented the percussion lock in 1807. Slightly pitted and worn bore, not uncommon for these fast firing guns. 410 for sale in the first instance - the company made plenty of guns in most gauges, but they did not The M1870 Vetterli was the Italian service rifle from 1870-1887, when it was gradually replaced with the M1870/87 Italian Vetterli-Vitali variant. The same Japanese factory also built another three guns specifically for the European market – the 5000, 6500 and 8500. This particular gun was made in 1971. The 12 ga. Guns International Advertising Policy This site's purpose is to bring gun buyers and gun brokers or sellers together by advertising guns or gun related items and services for sale online. Olin/Kodensha was a joint venture. Theatrical Version; Creamy, merveilleuse Creamy; Miami Guns; Michael ?! Oh My Goddess! (OAV); Pugyuru; Pumpkin Scissors; Rayearth (OAV) 23 Sep 2010 No, to me, the wonder is that almost all of those guns are dead, gone . From 2007, Winchester had a gun made by FN-Liege in Belgium. Ltd Winchester 101 O/U 12ga. I will call in short name as Butt Plates And Pads For Sale - Guns Winchester Model 101 Over Under Shotgun Butt Plate 20 Gauge Olin-Kodensha Mfg in Japan Approximately 5 1 8 X 1 9 16 The Finest Quality Reproduction Urethane Butt Plates O Click for more info Seller N C Ordnance Inc Winchester Model 101 Over Under Shotgun Butt Plate 20 Gauge Olin-Kodensha Mfg in Japan Approximately 5 1 8 X 1 9 16 The Finest Quality Reproduction Urethane Butt Plates O Click for more info Seller N C Ordnance Inc Winchester Model 101 Over Under Shotgun Butt Plate 20 Gauge Olin-Kodensha Mfg in Japan Approximately 5 1 8 X 1 9 16 The Finest Quality Reproduction Urethane Butt Plates O Click for more info Seller N C Ordnance Inc This time it is Fausti Stefano Arms, a company that, like Weatherby, was founded during the 1940s. Later apparently Nikko. I have two 12 ga Winchester model 101 double shotguns made by Olin Kodensha. KRL-1227-BRE 3-Inch 12 gauge, $2180. field gun, 26" with VR, fixed chokes, the usual ejectors and SST. See more ideas about Winchester, Shotgun and Guns. 22 caliber; FortWayne?, IN In this book, McIntosh? looks at the best guns produced in America, like Parker, Fox, Smith, Ithaca and Lefever as well as those from other countries. This Venture was known as the Olin- Kodensha Co. These rare SxS shotguns were made by Olin Kodensha Co. Crystal Springs Road, and stole several guns and other property. Based in Clayton, Missouri, it traces its roots to two companies, both founded in 1892: Franklin W. Serial numbers for Winchester 101 model guns manufactured after 1971 may need to be verified directly with the Winchester Repeating Arms Company for authenticity. Winchester (Kodensha) ~ Model 101 Field ~ 12 Ga. It is a Nikko shadow Indy. 410 gauge - that were manufactured for the Parker division of Reagent by Winchester in Japan are reproductions of Parker shotguns Advertisements are based on material sourced from third parties. Here's a bit of history, I don't know when Singer came into the picture but they had a joint venture going with Nikko at some time. Guns for Sale - Winchester (Olin-Kodensha) Parker Reproduction DHE Grade, Engraved Blue & Case Colored 26” -- Side by Side SxS Shotgun, Leather Case & More Guns for Sale - Olin Kodensha Co. Group Sales We welcome commercial group and bus tours. Winchester Model 101 (Olin Kodensha) Diamond Grade Trap Combo, Blue & Satin 32 & 34 Over / Under Shotgun, Chokes, Case & More We Turn Your Guns Into Cash & we make it easy on you! The Kodensha factory, incidentally, also made its own line of Nikko guns. Try the Blue Book of Gun Values Nikko . $7,999. of submachine guns & semi-automatic rifles public Token aOG: Notes: KODENSHA,TOCHIGI CITY JAPAN; MADE IN JAPAN AND IMPORTED Serial numbers for the 20-gauge, 28-gauge and . Perry (Newark, NJ) Breechloading Percussion Sporting Rifle; Arisaka (Japan) Type 99 Bolt-Action Training Rifle; Beretta (Brescia, Italy) BM-59 Semi-Automatic Rifle Those who admire Winchester products and side x side shotguns are aware of the Winchester Model 23 introduced in 1978 and produced by Olin-Kodensha of Japan. R. The National Firearms Museum, at the NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, details and examines the nearly 700-year history of firearms with a special emphasis on firearms, freedom, and the American experience. Search the history of over 380 billion web pages on the Internet. 1900. in Between 1967 and 1971, some 17,000 Weatherby Mark XXIIs with detachable box magazines came from KTG. Imports from Olin-Kodensha (Japan);trade name--Miida: FEL: Auto-Ordnance Corp. That would go with the purchase of Winchester by the group that owns FN. Indiana State Police Contents. Winchester Model 101 M101 Pigeon Grade Skeet, Blue & Coin 27” -- Over / Under Single Selective Trigger Shotgun The Winny 101 was also made in Japan by a company named Kodensha, but I'm not sure if you can find just regular Kodensha guns. Pick a model from the left hand menu. type make description model price caliber action condition finish invnum; shotgun: a h fox: 12g double: high grade a: 3. This model has been out of production since 1978. A data type for 2 - Article Brand Name (BRA) Field Codes Offered for sale is a Zuni Native American Indian Sterling Silver mosaic inlay squash blossom necklace and earrings. S. 12 gauge winchester101-Olin Kodensha - posted in Rifle/Guns: Hey everyone, I was looking at a 12 gauge 101 winchester the other day and on the underside was the name Olin Kodensha. In 1962 OlinWinchester? of New Haven, CT formed a joint ve for sale by STP GUNS on GunsAmerica? - 904831586 Enter your email address to receive exclusive deals and in-stock alerts. They still are offering different models of the 95. Both Nikko/Kodensha and KTG filed for bankruptcy in 1980. This is the same company who produced the famed Winchester Model 101s in Kodensha Japan. 630 inch for the 20 gauge and . If I recall correctly, the factory was shuttered by Olin and then torn down. DESCRIPTION ~ IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING GUNS & AMMO ~ Please Note: For this auction only, there will be a 10% Buyer’s Premium added to the final bid price of each firearm in this auction sale. Guns Italy Sporting Guns Opocno Dusek Frantisek Dusek Louisville Dutchman Firearms Dutchmans Firearms Inc. The NIKKO covers SHOT GUNS. with Olin- Kodensha in Japan, maker of the Winchester 101 over-under, 7 Oct 2016 Today's fight is between a pair of O/U bird guns, each made in Japan. 200: 12g: single shot: e: b: g-40602-11 Nikko guns were superb quality,they made 2500,5000,5000 11 . Kodensha: Japan is a country notorious for its rough treatment of the disenfranchised. Weatherby also contracted with Nikko/Kodensha, makers of the Winchester 101, to make the Olympian over-under, a grade below the Regency. Winchester began making guns in Japan at the Olin Kodensha plant The term "best gun" is used to describe a double-barreled shotgun of the . Ltd. The guns of Joseph Manton epitomized the emerging concept of the best gun. Your dealer/collector is mistaken. Serial number 106122. Were these guns made under similar quality standards as the current ones made in Belgium? Model70man you are correct Kodensha made the guns. It all depends on what your purpose for the gun is. In 1972 Nikko Kodensha, another Japanese company, began building the rifle. “Europeans like light guns, and use light loads”, instructs the author Ray Bearse. Worst that can happen is you replace the springs, pretty easy and Manufactured between 1966 and 1984 in Japan by Olin-Kodensha, with two nickel bead sights on a matte vent rib and 2 3/4 inch chambers, choked full/improved modified with ejectors. They’re great guns for anyone who loves America’s famous double-barrel shotguns and wants all that vintag character without all the vintage-gun hassles (worn out parts, poor repairs, lousy stock dimensions, etc). mfr. with those "English" drop points and that gun letters that way. Ltd Winchester 101 O/U 12ga for sale. The Model 23 was offered in six versions plus some "commemorative" grades (one such being the Grand Canadian). B. The coin-finished frame retains about 99% factory finish with engraved geometric patterns and borders, “Olin Kodensha/Co. There is a very beautiful engraving of a bird dog and flushing pheasant, and on the other side a bird dog and two flushing quail. m. SECOND HAND - folding shotgun with 27 inch barrels I have since given the 1886 to my dearest friend as a gift he just wanted it so bad I wanted him to have it as he has always been there for me I have a ruger # 1 in 45/70 so I still have a rifle I am glad to hear that you have the caliber that was one you wanted good shooting that is what this is all about you take game with that rifle send me a picture God bless you and your family Raymond I find Browning overly heavy to carry all day and the Beretta Game models great to carry but unpleasant to shoot in comparison to the 391 I normally use. Vintage . In any case, the Winchester 101 was not built in the USA or Europe but in Japan in the Olin-Kodensha plant which was part-owned by Olin Industries. The Model 23 differs in design from the earlier Models 21 and 24. State and Country Data Codes. In the 50 years I have known about these Kodensha guns I cannot remember any quality or reliability issues with them. Like New condition Winchester Parker Reproduction DHE 20 gauge Fifty years ago--1960--the Gun Digest devoted fewer than a dozen pages to American-made shotguns. Marubeni America Corp. , Ltd. name of importer Marubeni America Corp. 735 inch for the 12 gauge. My father had a huge collection of guns that he would teach me about and take me out shooting with. The receiver is lightly scroll and floral engraved. Document Version Change Details 4. Some commentators have opined that the effort to “clone” a shotgun from the golden age of American classic double guns was a quixotic quest. VSTCode VMOCode VMACode VCOCode TimeCode? TelephoneNumberCategoryCode? TYPDescriptionCode? TYPCode SEXCode RenderingMethodCode? RESCode RACCode PROCode Good solid guns and certainly in the same league, if not better, than comparable Browning Citoris and Berettas. Winchester-designed, Japanese company set up to do the building. Today, the shotgun section is 40 pages long, and it packs in far more guns per page. All guns are OBO. F. Mfr. they were built on moded 101 actions the numbers are not differant quality but just differant mods. Imports from Olin-Kodensha (Japan);trade name--Miida TIP Tippman Arms Company1/2 scale reproduction of Browningmachine gun, . In the early 2000s, Winchester Mfg. He taught me everything from how to use it properly to taking it apart and putting it back together. The old 101s were made at the Olin factory at Kodensha. Aspiring Japanese politician born without arms and legs admits to sleeping with five women while his marriage 'slipped into a rut' Hirotada Ototake had been rumoured. Challenge US BLG Mfd. 12g x 2 ¾ . 45 caliber and/or 9 mm U. New posts: Hot thread with new posts: No new posts: Hot thread with no new posts: Thread is closed Gently used may contain ex-library markings, possibly has some light highlighting. You could read the EXIF information Luminous Landscape will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing. The 101s were/are very nice guns. AFC, American Firearms Manufacturing Co. _____ If it weren't for women cats would be extinct. Fjestad’s “Blue Book of Gun Values” has a particularly informative couple of pages on the history of Nikko and the Kodensha plant, but it is has little on the actual Nikko guns themselves. It has 26" barrels, one mod and the other IC. Condition is very good to excellent showing only light marks from handling and the gun still has firm lock up. Personal Descriptors Codes. Ltd Winchester 101 OU 12ga. I have a pigeon 20ga that I'd like to know about, but the best I can do is prior to 1986, which is when I bought it. Even though the manufacturer of Weatherby over-unders has changed, the Athena and Orion names have been retained but with the addition of “D’Italia” to differentiate them from the guns built by SKB. Gunsamerica. Percussion systems soon replaced the flintlock ignition system. Buy Online with safety transaction. #116405. FN : M. Look here. Nikko was the product parent name as Winchester was the 101 product name. I know that it, the Winchester 23, and The Parker Reproduction were made together at the Olin factory in Kodensha, Japan. of submachine guns & semi-automatic rifles: KTG: Winchester Model 101 Over Under Shotgun Butt Plate 20 Gauge Olin-Kodensha Mfg in Japan Approximately 5 1 8 X 1 9 16 The Finest Quality Reproduction Urethane Butt Plates O Click for more info Seller N C Ordnance Inc Cleaning Patches 1-1 4 In Square - 500 Or 1000 Ct will be my personal favorite commodities presented this few days. The Olin Kodensha factory was where the Parker Reproductions were made as well. I. SKB, imported by Ithaca and Weatherby, was a solid line for some time, but the SKB firearms plant is no more. Home; web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation Korics is a company that dreams come true, and respects your thoughts. This page should not be used as an authoritative source. Durable and ruggedly handsome, the Kodensha 101 points and swings gracefully, but it is heavy and has a reputation for formidable Winchester 101 O/U shotgun 12 ga 26" Olin Kodensha : Over Under Shotguns at GunBroker?. Ames: US : N. 27 Nov 2018 Parker Reproduction guns were in every respect equal—if not superior—to . Seller Inventory # 002328 Manufactured by Olin Kodensha in Japan. Given that telling its unmatched getting pregnant, changed in addition currently accommodated absolutely no more than without help. Next up was the Ruger Red Label Engraved No. The slogan among 16-gauge fans is that the 16 hits like a 12 and carries like a 20. of deluxe rifles Champlin/Champlin glock inc (smyrna, georgia) subsidiary of original glock guns manufactured in usa not austria; atf requested seperate listing noting usa manufacturing. 4mm Vetterli centrefire cartridge, at first loaded with black powder and later with smokeless powder. 577 3" bpe for sale - Topic Big Guns, Cool Guns,. I own the immediate predecessor to the new 101, the Supreme/ Select, which was made there, also. Ser. I think Miroku made some guns for Winchester, as well. multiba chicago firearms If you searching to evaluate Winchester Model 97 Butt Plate Win 1897 5 15 X1 66 price. Many times i hear of guns in "Mint" condition that are not quite there. The new 101's are made in Europe at FN Herstal. If you are looking to buy guns in America or Internationally, you have come to the right place. RBLs are true upland guns made to the highest quality by Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company. Discover ideas about Shotgun Pairs of guns have gone for more All guns are in Sonoma county and will be transferred in Santa Rosa or Petaluma. The 26-1/2” blued tapered round barrel is fitted with a gold bead front sight and a smaller gold bead rear sight. Can you give me any info on this gun? - Answered by a verified Firearms Expert Good guns, mostly (perhaps all) made by Miroku I think. 95. I am not sure but I believe you are also right about the Model 23. Hammond entitled “The Double Guns of Olin-Kodensha”. It's a different company completely. I have been impressed with a Winchester Select English Field in a local dealer but haven’t seen many on the range. The M1870 was a single-shot bolt action rifle chambered for the 10. by the Olin- Kodensha factory in Tochigi, Japan, between 1959 and 1989. They were built as field guns and target guns. Winchester Model 101 Over Under Shotgun Butt Plate 20 Gauge Olin-Kodensha Mfg in Japan Approximately 5 1 8 X 1 9 16 The Finest Quality Reproduction Urethane Butt Plates O Click for more info Seller N C Ordnance Inc Been through CSMC factory with Louie their head salesman, all parts for the RBL are made there. Winchester (Olin-Kodensha) Parker Reproduction DHE Grade, Engraved Blue & Case Colored 26" Side by Side SxS Shotgun, Leather Case & More We Turn Your Guns Into Cash & we make it easy on you! The guns - several thousand of them to date in 12, 20, 28 and . LTD. I think Kodensha made more wide rib guns under the Golden Eagle label than Winchester. Together with the barrel length, these are the major differences between these guns made at the Olin Kodensha plant in Japan in 1970 (20) and 1965 (12). But the Winchester 101 is neither. , the country and manufacturing facilities that J. by "Guns & Ammo"; Business Sport, sporting goods and toys industry Firearms industry Methods Firearms industry and trade Shotguns Some dings in the cooling rings on one side thinning to a gray patina, and the retaining pin on the muzzle has been replaced with a cotter pin. they were hand engraved and hand finished to a very highe standerd. May the Purple Hull Society will forgive this bit of heresy, but I've found a 12-gauge that's a 16-gauge at heart. of cephyrbrand name of stoeger caesar guerini c. Kodensha technicians stripped the D Grade Parker to its smallest Winchester 101 O/U shotgun 12 ga 26" Olin Kodensha : Over Under Shotguns at GunBroker?. I owned one years ago and shot the snot out of it, at least 1000 rounds a month and the gun was well used when I bought it. Guns International Advertising Policy This site's purpose is to bring gun buyers and gun brokers or sellers together by advertising guns or gun related items and services for sale online. com. Three popular game guns to buy second-hand. Ltd to produce the Winchester Model 101 O/U for Winchester. Bolt face appears to be in excellent condition and the bolt overall is fine to very fine condition. From what I could learn Nikko manufactured the 101 O/U for winchester and made these themselves to sell in non-US locations or import through brands like high-standard.  Olin Chemical continued to make the Winchester ammo brands, and others made the Winchester guns, USRA and others. That gun I am clear on. The article discusses at length the historical, and some technical, information about four (4) guns – the Model 101, the Model 23, the Parker Reproduction and the Classic Doubles Model 201. N. Sell and buy 1965 Winchester Olin-Kodensha 12. "I may be drunk, but I'm still a doctor. 1886-1914. 410 shotgun online and have it sent to your local gun dealer for pickup. Nice shotgun. 101 history by serial number is scarce to non-existent after 1971. Gold trigger. The Olin Corporation is an American manufacturer of ammunition, chlorine, and sodium Olin's New Haven and East Alton plants employed about 17,000 workers each—producing the guns and small-caliber ammunition needed during World Find a variety of Winchester rifles for sale at Cabela's. If you find product , Deals. , LTD. The quality of construction is similar. Wood is solid but shows some flaking and chipping from age. # 52867. The Select 101 is the modern incarnation of Winchester’s beloved Model 101, which was made in Japan by Olin Kodensha from 1963 to 1987. Winchester 101 History Or did you mean where is it on the shotgun? It's on the underside of the receiver. , Inc . Japan makes great guns - their culture encourages Kodensha Co. Think those were made by Singer -Nikko, Nikko being a manufacturer of various guns and trade name guns,, somehow it was tied in with Olin Kodensha. 257 Roberts o/u rifle they made around the same time the Model 23s and “Classic Doubles” 101 were made. Wanted a O/U to take to the sporting clay store and fell in love with the look (and price!) of this gun. Very well made guns. Description Winchester Model 101 Olin Kodensha Shotgun With Two Barrels. NIKKO is a trademark and brand of KODENSHA CO. The original was available in 12-, 20- and 28-gauge, in many configurations. " This copy in fine collectible condition. The list price in 1981 was $1,150. P. Truly MINT, with the original This first pair of guns was built under the Classic Doubles name at the Olin factory in Kodensha, Japan. This "101" is related to the Olin-Kodensha 101 is its name and styling attempt only. 23 May 2013 As a complete beginner to shooting, avoid specialist guns at the . It is hard to find out much about those guns because they were only made for a short time. Blue is excellent on barrels but worn on bottom tang from carrying. 410 model 741 Over & Under You need to find a Nikko . Miroku did not make the 101, they were made by Olin/Kodensha. Links: I have been using guns since I was about 11 years old. 35/Selinsgrove Exit. 101 gurus here, maybe I can find out something about mine. Surfer These guns set the tone for, and established the superiority of, British shotguns for wing shooting that has lasted to this day. The biggest complaint one hears about them is they kick too hard. 4 miles to the town of Freeburg. Both guns are 28" barrel, full choke, 2 3/4 shells One of the guns is called a "Grand Orient" engraved on the barrel. Buy a . I believe these guns are unique and the very best available. I never had an issue with it. Winchester Model 23 XTR 20 Ga SN: PWK202547 - Reata Pass Auctions. Page 2- Curious and Learning Parker Reproductions. This banner text can have markup. I'll buy one when they come out. LexisNexis?. Ltd Winchester 101 O/U Trap 12ga. Graybeard Outdoors > Shotguns and Wingshooting > Clay Target Sports > Win 101 Kodensha or Chas Daly Miroku? Reply the only guns the range rented were 12 gauge 101s. Buy Winchester Model 101 Parts Factory replacement gun parts, accessories and gunsmithing service on most manufacturers including Browning, Winchester, FN America, Beretta, Benelli Franchi, Stoeger, Remington, Bushmaster, Marlin, Sig Sauer, HK and many more. You say they were built by Olin Kodensha and I say correct Nikko. In 1962 Olin/Winchester of New Haven, CT formed a joint venture with the Kodensha Co. com Description: Olin- Kodensha Co. 00 It's in absolutely fantastic condition. You can buy Winchester 101 (Olin Kodensha - Japan) 12GA 28" 1 May 2014 Gun Data Codes. It is a Miroku 12 ga. Parker Reproduction DHE 12ga 26″ IC & MOD Miroku made/makes Brownings, not the other way around. Winchester (Kodensha Co. Mine is a very nice looking gun with straight grained walnut stock, chrome lined bores, DT's, and fairly tight chokes. at Cabela's. I might look for the tube fed version down the road, just to round things out, I don't like the looks quite as much as the box mag versions, but I have heard that they work great and no need to buy $60-$80 magazines Winchester/Olin had several guns made for them in Japan over the years. Free Online Library: Model 21 stackbarrel: a new take on the time-proven Winchester Model 21 side-by-side, produced using the same methods by Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Selling Guns and Related for A Local Valley Hunter and Avid Outdoorsman. I'll agree with you,there is little information on what was made where by Winchester the last several years. A. I will call in short name as Butt Plates And Pads For Sale - Guns Lights Clothing Ammunition Reloading equipment Accessories Equipment Used Guns, Ammunitions, Pistols, Bullets. Winchester, 101 Trap, 12 gauge, Over and Under, Right Handed, Used - Very Good Condition, Shotgun from Durham, Durham New and Used Guns for Sale Olin- Kodensha Co. My Select is longer and heavier than the Franchi. 99. A. Kodensha made the original 101s in Japan , Miroku is responsible for citoris, Charles Daly, house guns and a few more I can't remember. Which point is that? The one about the WRONG Drop points, The one about it not being a Parker Reproduction stock, or Kenosha (Subsequently changed to Kodensha)? GravityLoL is a fanfiction author that has written 11 stories for Naruto, Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, and Pokémon. By the revision of FIREARMS CATALOG Sunday, September 19, 2010 at 1 pm LOT No. Looking back, the wonder is not how few choices were available in 1960. Re: Why does everyone dislike Win 101 shotguns ? - 02/06/11 With all the Win. 11&15 north to the Rt. It was made in Japan by Olin-Kodensha fr for winchester, Serial numbers begin with "K", The serial number list goes up to 140,000 in 1971 afer that no serial number records survive. CLEMENT, J. Kodensha Nikko Shotgun, Double-Barrel, Over/Under 1970s-80s JMD-11584 - Holabird Western Americana Collections Shop online for the best selection and prices of 410 Bore Shotguns at Hinterland Outfitters from top brands like Browning, Remington, Winchester, Savage, and many more. So don't fret on wearing it out. The mosaic design has turquoise, black onyx, red coral and mother of pearl. Weatherby Japan Nikko Kodensha Mark Xxii MK-Xxii, Blue & Black 24" Semi-Automatic Rifle & Bushnell Sportview Scope, MFD 1972-1980 . OKC, Marubeni Find new and used guns for sale at the largest online gun auction site GunBroker? . . C. Winchester 101 - Kodensha This is the confusing one. It is chambered for 2-¾ and 3” 20 Gauge shells. Auto-Ordnance Corp. Olin's "Equitable Powder Company" and the "Mathieson Alkali Works". When I was a kid in the 60s, “made in Japan” meant cheap, plastic junk and transistor radios, but in 1961, Winchester began making guns in Japan at the Olin Kodensha plant (which was torn down We will focus on the hammerless guns with steel barrels, as there are a number of safety concerns that arise when shooting very old vintage guns. Jim you have alot of gun knowledge but lets take the 101. The top one is a model 201 and it does its best to imitate a Winchester 21 with frame styling and the checkering pattern.  The current Japanese Brownings are made by Miroku. daily Hours & Rates Plan your visit to the Center of the West. Gun Data Codes As of Mar 31, 2017 Gun Data Codes Table of Contents 1 Gun Data Codes Introduction 2 Gun Make (MAK) Field Codes 3 Gun Caliber (CAL) Field Codes 4 Gun Type Field Code Product Description Hornady PTX Expander left and Powderfunnels com Expander right - Image Coypright 2012 Ultimate Reloader If you are a Hornady Lock-N-Load AP owner you ll want to know about a product that s compatible with the Hornady Lock-N-Load powder measure This product is a universal powder-through expander that is offered for sale by Classic Arms Importers and manufacturers of blackpowder guns and kits, located in Palmer, Massachusetts. Read Shotgun Chronicles Volume I - Double-Barrels by Nick Hahn for free with a 30 day free trial. Might even sell off one of my Bangor Punta vintage S&Ws to appease the wife. Ltd” is engraved on the belly. I'll probably put it into the safe, next to one of my Mikoru made Browning A-5s, or the Olin Kodensha made Winchester 101, or, maybe even next to a real West German SIG Sauer. Notifications 6. 485 Items Find winchester 101 for sale at GunBroker?. Not sure why. at a modest price was the product of the alliance between Winchester and Kodensha Co A suitable manufacturer was found in the Japanese KTG company and they produced the Weatherby rimfire rifles from 1967 until 1971 when production was shifted to Nikko Kodensha who made the rifles until production was shifted back to the United States and taken on by Mossberg in 1980. The Mossberg 500s are very good shotguns. I have a . to give you the finest gun you can put in your hand. com . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Butt Plates And Pads For Sale - Gunsinternational Com is best in online store. Hi Pooch. I think the company was Kodensha. The top rib had a habit of separating from the barrel. Facility Rentals The Center is the perfect place for your next event. There was all kinds of variations like Diamond, Field, Magnum, Skeet, Trap, and then many different options within those variations. It may be just a matter of trivia to some, but a factory screw-choked shotgun first appeared on the Olin-Kodensha produced "Winchester 101" and by now is expected, standard equipment on most popular shotguns. If you are searching for read reviews Winchester Model 97 Butt Plate Win 1897 5 15 X1 66 price. usedguns. chatellerault chicago chantecler charles dalybrand of shotgun charles lancaster & co. It's still going strong. M1A: US: Commercial M-14 copy; see Springfield Armory M1A: M. Clement, Charles Pistol and revolver manufacturer in Liege, Belgium, c. The Model 101 was one of them. has the big red W on the pistol grip cap, while the 20 ga. DIRECTIONS: From Harrisburg take Rts. Over the years I have rescued exceptional donor guns and with the help and skill of my team of the best traditional gunsmiths remade them to the very highest standard. Send waist size, caliber, model and barrel length of gun Kodensha claims, forgetting the Beretta and. 10 Mar 2010 But even inexpen- sive Turkish guns usually have well-finished, well- figured Weatherby also contracted with Nikko/Kodensha, makers of the A data type for Gun Make. Click a selection to enter it into the appropriate field FNB: A-bolt: GSG: American Tactical Imports: ABC: A & F (Abercrombie & Fitch) These very special guns are the result of a long standing ambition to create a Homage to the finest Victorian Hammer Guns. ΚΑΤΑΣΤΑΣΗ ΕΞΑΙΡΕΤΙΚΗ. This item is a 12ga Winchester model 101 manufactured by Olin Kodensha in Japan in 1963. A reorganized KTG continued to make Weatherby repeating shot- guns.  50 years of Japanese colonisation painted a lot of influence onto the history of comics in Taiwan. Scott, how did you first enter the business, and when? Scott Carlson. It is the 201 that I can't get definitive information about. Early Damascus or twist steel guns may be safe to shoot, and there is ample discussion on both sides of that heated debate. of Tochigi, Japan on products they manufactured and Were these guns made under similar quality standards as the current ones the Winchester 101's made in Japan were manufactured by Olin Kodensha Co. Large selection of 410 shotguns for sale including Browning 410 gauge shotguns, Savage Stevens 410 shotguns, Marlin 410 shotguns, and Remington 410 bore shotguns for sale. 545 inch for the 28 gauge, . Thanks for the replies, it sounds like the Nikko MKXXII should be a good shooter. 1971 12 GA Auction: 15612819 Contact 275 Winchester Avenue Morgan, UT 84050 800-333-3288 801-876-2711 Olin- Kodensha Co. It takes down smoothly. DWM Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabrik NJ Northvale Dynamit Nobel USA Dynamit Nobel Dynamit Nobel of America Inc. US CFI Mfr. Submachine Guns: M1, M1A1 Imports from Olin-Kodensha. No, to me, the wonder is that almost all of those guns are dead, gone, and forgotten. The whole 101 series of guns was built for Winchester in Japan by a company called Kodensha, in the city of Tochigi, north of A significant amount of money had been invested in the specialized equipment to manufacture the guns, and that investment had not been recouped when Kodensha terminated manufacturing. As for the Parkers yes they where made by Kodensa until they retooled to make car parts. Manufactured components from the Olin-Kodensha factory were carted to the Nikko plant for final assembly and fitting. My father gave it to me for my 18th B-Day back in 1978. Winchester Olin-Kodensha Model 101 M101, Blue 28" Single Selective Trigger O/U Over Under Double Barrel Shotgun, MFD Ca. guns, known as the Verona and then the Savage Milano, failed to last as well. The older pre-K prefix model 101's have a for sale by Cliffs Guns Safes Reloading on GunsAmerica? - 960178169 Olin- Kodensha Co. $999. 35 approx. Pieper/Pieper Patent: BG : N. I have a Niko over under shotgun gauge with no markings except the #8778. were trade names used by the Kodensha Co. ABRACodeSimpleType?. Let me refer you to the Double Gun Journal, Spring Issue 2001, pp. " Winchester, model 400 (101), 12 gauge, Over and Under, Right Handed, Used - Very Good Condition, Shotgun from cumbria, Cumbria New and Used Guns for Sale for sale is my tried and tested winchester 400, the 400 is a japanese built winchester made at the kodensha plant in the early 80s its built on a winchester 101 action so quality and fantastic handling come as standard! this particular model A Bass Pro Exclusive! The Winchester® Model 101 Ultimate Field is a fast-handling, smooth-swinging over/under shotgun, made in Belgium to traditional Model 101 dimensions. h. I do not believe they are as smooth as the 870s as far as function of the action. Still More Guns! Alonzo D. CFS Guns TY CFS Mfr. au makes no warranty, authorises or endorses the accuracy, currency, suitability or completeness of any information contained in advertisments It is Belgium-made by F. I think this is around the time the Japanese were buying up all the nice walnut. Single selective trigger, auto ejectors, French walnut chequered stock. 2¾" chambers. Each gun comes with Improved Cylinder, Modified and Full chokes but Skeet and Sporting Clays are also available. I'm pretty sure the new ones are better in almost everyway. This Winchester Model 101 Skeet 20 Ga O/U Break Open Shotgun is a takedown. DESCRIPTION LOT No. I have an older Franchi, also. Kōdansha Ltd. The brainchild of Parker collector Tom Skeuse, these guns were made in Japan by Olin-Kodensha, builders of Winchester 101s. They made the Nikkos,and Winchester 101s, and later the Classic Doubles 101s. I would appreciate your thoughts on a Parker Reproduction. Guns For Sale; Optics For Sale SOLD/EXPIRED WTT 20 Ga SxS Upland Game Gun a joint venture between Winchester and Kodensha to produce (initially) the 101. S. Personally, I wouldn’t give more than £600 for a gun in good condition. Tradename on guns made in Belgium, c. Unlike Miroku/Browning the Nikko company kept building guns under their name and Golden Eagle among others that were the same gun as the 101. "Best Guns serves both as a guide for the uninitiated and as a standard reference for the experienced collector and shooter. Your serial number of PK186xxx equals Pigeon Grade-Kodensha-186xxx. The top barrel has the standard address and model markings. This company delivered both tubular and box-fed . ; imports from Olin-Kodensha. The old Winchester 101 guns were made by Kodensha. If at the time will discount more Savings So you already decide you want have Butt Plates And Pads For Sale - Gunsinternational Com for your, but you don't know where to get the best price for this Butt Plates And Pads For Sale - Gunsinternational Com . M-1 (M1 Rifle) US: Various mfrs. Did you win this item? A full invoice should be emailed to the winner by the auctioneer within a day or two. For generations the men in my family have been passing down the guns they’ve collected. 155 – 166, in an article by W. It has a small piece of the Gunning for a market A Japanese company hits the target by building prestige shotguns for sale in the U. and Nikko Arms Co. of revolvers and pistols Arlington, WA; trade name for Arnold Arms Co. Made by Olin Kodensha. Product Description Winchester Model 101 Over Under Shotgun Butt Plate 20 Gauge Olin-Kodensha Mfg in Japan Approximately 5 1 8 X 1 9 16 The Finest Quality Reproduction Urethane Butt Plates O Click for more info Seller N C Ordnance Inc Olin- Kodensha Co. 8h +. My dislike is the full/full choke on 30" barrels. 14 3/8" LOP, 1 3/8" DAC, 1 7/8" DAH. com, the world's largest gun auction site. bleach number 1 fan is a fanfiction author that has written 2 stories for Naruto. Call now on 0870 062 8760 Our guns have few differences despite the 5 years between manufacture of the two guns. They were made in Japan by Olin Kodensha. M. CORSONS SHOTGUN BARRELS CORSONS BARRELS WINCHESTER SHOTGUN BARRELS WINCHESTER 1200 shotgun barrels, WINCHESTER 1400 shotgun barrels, WINCHESTER mod 50 shotgun barrels, WINCHESTER mod 59 shotgun barrels, WINCHESTER Super-x shotgun barrels, WINCHESTER mod 97 shotgun barrels, WINCHESTER mod 12 shotgun barrels, classic doubles; kodensha,toch cdm (criterion die & machine c centaure celta coharie arms cesarunknown mfr. I believe it's basically a Winchester 101 made in the Olin Kodensha factory in Japan. Durable and ruggedly handsome, the Kodensha 101 points and swings gracefully, but it is heavy and has a reputation for formidable ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Butt Plates And Pads For Sale - Gunsinternational Com is best in online store. Ltd) - Model 101 Magnum - 20ga Section 1. T. The F. I have never seen or heard of another Parker with those drop points and I suspect a Repro featuring those "English" drop points and made in Kodensha, Japan would certainly have been a 1 of 1 and only made by pre-paid special order. As many have stated it would depend on if you are just shooting clay birds for fun or getting serious about it. In 1983 Weatherby found the need to move production back to Marubeni America Corp. This building was probably the "true" Nikko Firearms Co. 410 for sale in the first instance - the company made plenty of guns in most gauges, but they did not RBLs are true upland guns made to the highest quality by Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company. We also carry 410 shotgun shells for sale. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Purchased by Val Forgett of Navy Arms in 1978. Winchester discontinued them in the late 80's and importation was picked up by a company called Classic Doubles which brought them in for a few years after. The Winchester might have also used that on their target guns but it wasn't on the 101 field guns. as a production gun in 1969, I don't know too much about them. KTG produced the pumps and automatics as well as the Mark XXII at that time. The NRA Museums are home to the finest firearms collection in the world. Bores and finish are excellent. ABAS: Annals of Business Administrative 200,000 or more sporting guns annually, and 99% of SKB, and Kodensha, survived. Filed to USPTO On Thursday, January 18, 1968. US: Tacoma, WA: N. As the story goes, Winchester only had a couple of employees at the factory to keep an eye on 101 production, and the For Sale: Winchester Kodensha 101 Pigeon Grade Xtr, Blue & Coin 30" Over-Under Double Barrel Shotgun Case 4-Gauge Tube Set & More The community has spoken! This listing been flagged as a scam. The Olympian was made by Nikko Kodensha of Japan. The one thing that the old ones had was gorgeous wood but a lot of guns did 50 years ago. Browse the newest guns listed for sale, posted today by trusted gun sellers on Guns International. 30 inch ventilated rib barrels are both Full Choke. Kodensha marked guns were made in Japan for Winchester. MAKType Description Gun Make. CORRECTION Initial maker was Olin Kodensha. has the plainer cap shown. Current Hours November 1–30: 10 a. I have been offered an old Winchester O/U shotgun model 101. Sometime between March 1st and March 31st, 2015, unknown suspect(s) entered onto property located at 5573 N. In 1984, America’s favorite vintage double-barrel shotguns were reborn as Parker Reproductions. As mentioned before, I was told the Yakuza had involvement and may be the reason so many back door deals went down. G. Winchester Olin Kodensha 101 Trap Gun 12G - TAG BR039,Fisher Firearms is a family owned business providing Light Accessories, Gun Safes, Shotguns, Cleaning Equipment, Gun Sales in Adelaide. EAA European American Armory Corp. A vintage 101 is an excellent gun even today.  As for the new model 70, the trigger is different from the 1937 classic model. Due to mismanagement, the Olin-Kodensha plant was eventually abandoned. One 30" over and under Winchester proof steel vent rib barrel; one single 32" Winchester proof steel vent rib barrel. –5 p. A few scratches and dings in the wood normal for this age. Eagle Arms Eagle Early Japanese over and under 12 gauge shotgun marked Nikko and Olin Kodensha company LTD model E712 and probably a predecessor to the model 101 which it resembles. The Model 23’s were in production through 1987 and have at least 6 different models including some baby framed . Other Transactions Codes. cetmesee also heckler & koch cherry's fine guns champlin firearms inc. Data Elements 7 WINCHESTER 101 CAL20 ΙΑΠΩΝΙΚΗΣ ΚΑΤΑΣΚΕΥΗΣ (Olin Kodensha) ΜΗΚΟΣ ΚΑΝΝΗΣ 66cm ΤΣΟΚ 4-3 ΕΚ ΚΑΤΑΣΚΕΥΗΣ,ΜΟΝΟΣΚΑΝΔΑΛΟ ΜΕ ΑΥΤΟΜΑΤΟΥΣ ΕΞΩΛΚΕΙΣ. 5 contains MAK Field codes listed alphabetically by gun . 22 LR Auction: 14900787 The old Kodensha guns were very high quality at a reasonable price with several higher grades like the Diamond offered. This is a Ted Williams 20 gauge over under pump model 400. Nikko Kodensha 720 - Over Under 20ga. AFF, American Frontier Firearms OKC, Olin-Kodensha Co. Pistol grip cap is missing. Winchester Model 12 Buttplate Oversize Guns International 100430986 Seller s Inventory B303A Category Butt Plates and Pads - Gun Parts - Shotgun Seller s Information When emailing or calling sellers direct please mention that you saw their listing on GunsInternational? com Seller N C Ordnance Inc Company N C Ordnance Inc View this discussion about My Nikko 12 GA O/U (Model S-712 built by Olin Kodensha, which I in the Numrich Gun Parts Forum. US CMC Challenger Model US CLT Model of Colt Chamelot Type BG CHT Imported from Italy Champion US IJ Brand name of Iver Johnson Champlin Firearms, Inc. The Kodensha plant was in Tochigi,Japan. ΤΙΜΗ 1500Ε. The necklace includes a pair of sterling mosaic earrings. Search for other trademarks at Trademarkia. I have one of these guns. Davis & Sons-Mfr. Later 3800 series guns on the Browning pattern range from £650 to £1,000, and good examples represent excellent value. Olin bought into and up graded the Nikko Kodensha plant and they became one outfit. The checkered pistolgrip walnut buttstock and forend are about very good with scattered handling marks and slight loss of finish. As far as a date of MFG, good luck, for what ever reason no dates were recorded after 1971, that year started with 140500, after that it’s a mystery. of some Charles Daly brand of guns for KBI, Inc. Ltd to produce the Winchester Model 101 O/U. unfortunatly they suferd from the fashion police but people in the know are starting to buy good second hand models they sell for £500 to £1000 there was also a shadow Winchester 101 advice - posted in Shotguns: I've been offered an early 80's, Japanese made, Model 101 for $400. I have been searching for a SS and simply can not find a gun that I like or can afford. Mossberg & Sons took over manufacture. The barrels of the guns I checked had chrome-lined bores and lengthened forcing cones and were lightly overbored at . FN : M & H (Merwin Well, the whole 101 range has something of a cult following and because of this you occasionally see some guns advertised at silly, high prices. 銃器の歴史 (英語版) 上、英国で殆どの機構が発明された元折水平二連銃は本質的に製造・量産が難しい形式とされているが 、ニッコーは国内他社が数多く手掛けた一段ダボ(単一止め)の普及価格帯の製品をあまり製造せず、専ら複雑で量産が困難な形式を手掛けた事が特徴である。 The Globe - The world's most visited web pages! Kodensha converted an existing building near the manufacturing plant into an assembly area for Nikko, and other brands of guns. The gun is in good conditions and it was made in Japan. Our huge selection Available. Freeburg Community Center, 11 East Church St, Freeburg, PA . Travel south/west on Rt. This item is quite nice product. 410 guns and a few commemorative guns. Click a selection to enter it into the appropriate field FNB: A-bolt: GSG: American Tactical Imports: ABC: A & F (Abercrombie & Fitch) This first pair of guns was built under the Classic Doubles name at the Olin factory in Kodensha, Japan. Duval Duval et Guyot Buenos Aires DV Metalurgia San Antonio S. LTD in Japan made the M101 between 1964 and 1988. Securities Data Codes. But good guns never the less. I have a Diamond Grade skeet gun with untold numbers of shells through it. "The Winchester Model 23 was built by Olin-Kodensha in Japan and introduced in 1978. If you have an older Winchester 101, they were produced by Olin Kodensha. If you like lever guns to hunt with I'd think they In any case, the Winchester 101 was not built in the USA or Europe but in Japan in the Olin-Kodensha plant which was part-owned by Olin Industries. 22s until 1980, when O. D. The new 101s are made in Belgium.  That is Olin as in Winchester ammo. Luxury Leather and Country Gifts made by Brands Including Marlborough of England. R. The old Olin-Kodensha guns weren't that great. this perfect Parker clone was built under contract in Japan in the Kodensha plant, 6 Mar 1988 Although it continues to expand its line of rifle, shotgun and handgun it sold its Tochigi City operation (then Olin-Kodensha) to a group of its 11 Nov 2018 The Kodensha guns are excellent, but they are also heavy, and they have a reputation for formidable recoil. The traits were inherited to culture and education even after the conquest period. I've had several, actually still have one I bought new in 1970. The gun shows 28â barrels with a low rise non-ventilated matted rib, single trigger and auto ejectors. When I was asking for the variation, I meant something like the "Quail Special" noted above. I think it was Russ Jackson who had an original Parker DHE (I believe) 28 ga. I was interested in the carbine they brought out,wonder where it's made?The 95 models don't really seem to be selling all that well as wholesalers are discounting them most of the time. 21 Sep 2019 Good gun alert: 12g Parker DHE Repro, double triggers … These guns were made in Japan by Olin-Kodensha, builders of Winchester 101s. (株式会社講談社, Kabushiki-gaisha Kōdansha, La compagnie conteuse . SFTP Submissions 6. Outside of knowing that the Regency was first produced by Zoli in Italy and first hit the U. Checkered straight grain pistol grip stock with blued pistol grip cap. Visit. BEGAN MFG 6/27/06 GLE Apr 28, 2016- Explore bfreeman0047's board "model12 Winchester" on Pinterest. Some trades may be accepted Some guns have owner id engraved into gun ie: Social or DL or Both More pics are available by pm'ing me your email 1. This is a matched set with beautiful stones and workmanship. by Bliss & Goodyear Challenge* CLN Challenger Mfg. Both Nikko Firearms Co. Overview 5. of shotguns: Nagant (revolvers) SX/SP/BG : Nambu (pistols) JA A Winchester Kodensha Model 101 Pigeon Grade, Blue & White 27″ Over/Under Shotgun, in 12 GA Anybody up for some Pleasant shooting? Author admin175 Posted on 08/10/2019 07/18/2019 Categories All About Guns type make description model price caliber action condition finish invnum; shotgun: remington arms: 12g auto: 48: 169: 12g: semi-auto: p: b: g-30521-1: shotgun Early 800 series guns from the pre-Browning era are priced accordingly at around the £600 mark, and there are a few nice examples, although there might be a spares problem. kodensha guns


Previous manufactured by Nikko Firearms, Ltd. in Tochigi, Japan. Previously imported by Marubeni America Corp. located in New York, NY circa 1972-1974

Here's the story.... Both Nikko Firearms Co., Ltd. and Nikko Arms Co., Ltd. were trade names used by the Kodensha Co., Ltd. of Tochigi, Japan on products they manufactured and distributed worldwide. Nikko is the name of the Prefecture, or district, in which Tochigi City is located, about 50 miles north of Tokyo. The word Nikko translates to English as "sunshine." Kodensha first manufactured or distributed under the Nikko name in April 1955, and exported out of Japan beginning in August 1958. Nothing is known of the origin of the Kodensha Co. Kodensha first approached the American shotgun market in about 1958 or 59 using the Japanese export marketing firm of Kyowa-Boeki-Bussan. They contacted various US distributors, and in about 1959 or 60, Continental Arms Co. of New York City began importing the Nikko "Grade 5." Continental imported these Nikko over/unders, in various models and configurations, until about 1972. In 1962, the Kodensha Co., Ltd. formed a joint venture with Olin/Winchester of New Haven, CT to produce the Winchester Model 101 over/under shotgun. This venture was known as the Olin- Kodensha Co. Ltd. Added a little later was the side-by-side Model 23, and the Model 96 Xpert (a budget priced 101). The "pre-Olin" Kodensha factory was considerably outdated, and the joint venture began a complete modernization process, with the financial and technical assistance of Olin. Millions of dollars of machinery and technology were brought in, and the entire manufacturing process was upgraded to the then current standards. One of the conditions of the joint venture was that Kodensha restrict their own products (made in the same factory, but recorded separately from the joint venture) to sale in Japan only. At the outset of the 25 years that the joint venture existed, Kodensha was probably amenable to this, as they were reaping huge financial and technical benefits from Olin. But, by the mid 60s, when the factory was in place and running smoothly, Kodensha essentially ignored that condition of the agreement, leaving Olin at somewhat of a disadvantage, not wanting to jeopardize their investment or production source. Additionally, Olin/Winchester was allowed only 2 permanent personnel, hardly enough to monitor the activities of a factory which employed up to 400 people. As an example, when walnut stock blanks arrived from France, Kodensha took first pick, and Olin got what was left over. Kodensha converted an existing building near the manufacturing plant into an assembly area for Nikko, and other brands of guns. This building was probably the "true" Nikko Firearms Co., Ltd. Manufactured components from the Olin-Kodensha factory were carted to the Nikko plant for final assembly and fitting. This "dual-factory" arrangement continued until the mid-1980s. In 1981, for an unknown reason, the Olin-Kodensha name was changed to OK Firearms Co. Ltd. In October 1987, Olin/Winchester sold their interest in OK Firearms to Classic Doubles International, which continued making the 101 style shotgun under their own name. For reasons unknown, Classic Doubles went out of business in December 1988. Shortly thereafter, the entire factory was torn down, and all that remains today is a vacant lot.

The Latest Trend in Shotguns from The New York Times by Nelson Bryant March 6, 1988

"Although most American shotgun users have long favored automatics or repeaters, increasing numbers of them are going for something classier.

The trend is manifest in the display of handsome double-barreled shotguns in the booth staffed by G. B. Stumpp Associates of Towson, Md., at the World Fishing and Outdoor Exposition at Rockland Community College in Suffern, N.Y.

There is a contingent in this country that wouldn't dream of using anything but a twin-barreled shotgun. Those of this persuasion are usually silver-thatched, but youngsters in their 30's and 40's have been joining this informal club, which, admittedly, has snob appeal. A double, particularly a side-by-side, has often been called a gentleman's gun. And even in field, or standard, grade it costs at least twice as much as a repeater or an automatic, which sell for about $400 to $600.

At the show, which closes tonight at 7, Stumpp and Associates are representing Classic Doubles International of St. Louis and the Parker Division of Reagent Chemical and Research Inc. of Middlesex, N.J., two firms that are selling fine double-barreled shotguns made by O.K. Firearms Ltd. of Tochigi City, Japan.

For more than 25 years, the Tochigi City plant manufactured side-by-side and over-and-under doubles for Winchester, a division of the Olin Corporation. Although it continues to expand its line of rifle, shotgun and handgun ammunition, Winchester began getting out of the sporting-arms business in 1981 when it sold its New Haven, Conn., factory to U.S. Repeating Arms, licensing that firm to produce rifles bearing the Winchester name. Winchester's withdrawal from sporting-arms manufacturing was completed late last year when it sold its Tochigi City operation (then Olin-Kodensha) to a group of its former management personnel at that location.

Classic Doubles is a minority partner in O.K. Firearms and is that firm's marketing and distributing agent. W. Dean Jendsen, formerly Olin's vice president of marketing and the president of Classic Doubles, said he expected his firm's sales to exceed $10 million worldwide after the first full year of operation.

When the current inventory of Winchester shotguns is gone - plus those that will be made to fulfill contracts entered into before the change-over - no new Classic Doubles will bear the Winchester name. They will be called Classic followed, in many cases, by the model number of such a gun when it was being made by Winchester. Thus the Classic Doubles version of the Winchester Model 101 over-and-under will be the Classic Model 101. Field-grade versions of the firm's guns cost about $1,800. A new model - inspired by Winchester's famous Model 21 side-by-side - with two sets of barrels, 28 and .410 gauge, will sell for about $4,500. Steel loads can be used in the Classic Doubles shotguns.

The guns - several thousand of them to date in 12, 20, 28 and .410 gauge - that were manufactured for the Parker division of Reagent by Winchester in Japan are reproductions of Parker shotguns, the finest side-by-sides ever built in America. This reproduction effort started in 1984, said Thomas Skeuse, president of Reagent, who added that additional Parker reproductions bearing the Winchester imprint were still being made or were in inventory. When that contract is satisfied, the Tochigi City factory will continue to produce guns for him. As of this writing, it was not clear whether the Parker reproductions of the future would carry the Winchester name.

Skeuse, an avid upland bird hunter and waterfowler who once had 46 original Parkers in his gun collection, said the reproduction venture seemed like a natural thing to do, particularly because his four sons, who have joined his business, also enjoy guns and hunting. He said steel shot can be fired from his Parker reproductions - they cost about $3,000 to $9,000 - if nothing more restrictive than a modified choke is used.

The rebirth of the Parker is not limited to the Skeuse endeavor. Remington, now this country's only major manufacturer of both sporting arms and ammunition, also has a booth at the show where one learns that the firm has resumed production of Parkers. At the factory in Ilion, N.Y., Remington craftsmen will create custom-made 20-gauge Parkers that will sell for at least $12,000. As one might expect, none of these guns -which will come in fitted leather cases - was at the show. They are available by special order only, and fewer than 50 of them will be made this year. They are described in Remington's 1988 catalogue.

Remington, now a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont?, took over the Parker Gun Company - which had been located in Meriden, Conn., since 1868 - in 1934. Under that new ownership, Parkers were made there until 1937 when Remington moved the machinery to Ilion. The last of those original Parkers was assembled in 1947. All grades of those guns were well finished and they were made in every size from the tiny .410 to the massive 8-gauge. There were also light and heavy frames for many gauges.

The list of first-class doubles is long. Some of the names come from the past, like the L. C. Smith and the A. H. Fox, both American guns. Few would disagree that the best doubles in the world are made by the English firms of Holland & Holland and Purdey, but a host of others are excellent, including those manufactured by Browning, Beretta, Weatherby, Boss, Powell, W. C. Scott and Ruger. (The last named, save for Remington's Parker, is the only quality double, an over-and-under, being built in America today.)"

Blue Book of Gun Values

CLASSIC DOUBLES, Tochigi City, Japan ... previously imported and distributed by Classic Doubles International, Inc. located in St Louis, MO.

The factory closed in 1987, and all Classic Doubles remaining in inventory were sold to GU Wholesalers located in Omaha, NE in 1990. To date, there has been little collectibility in the Classic Doubles trademark. As a result, values are determined by the shooting value each model has to offer against other competing models in the same configuration. Also, in some regions of the country, 98% condition or less specimens may be priced lower than values shown in this section.

Model 201 Classic (12 or 20 gauge): 100% - $2,500 98% - $2,150 95% - $1,875 90% - $1,650 80% - $1,400 70% - $1,200 60% - $995 Add $120 for 20 ga. In late 1987, Winchester/Olin discontinued importation of their Japanese shotgun models (Models 101 and 23). At that point, Classic Doubles International, Inc. became the sole importer of these shotguns. There were very few changes made during this changeover of importation. The late manufacture Classic Double shotguns (Models 101 and 201) do not have the Winchester trademark or definitive Winchester proofmark stamped on the barrels. The Model 201 was a new model designation.

From Wikipedia Japan auto-translated

Nikko (shotgun)

Nikko (NIKKO) is a shotgun manufacturing company that once existed in Japan and its brand name.

Edited by Shindensha (1933-61)

Kodensha, the parent company of Nikko as a brand, was established in 1933 ( Showa 8) in Kanda , Ota-ku , Tokyo by Yoshisaburo Ono as a limited company, Shindensha Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. In 1939 (Showa 14), the company organization was changed to a stock company, and during the Great East Asia War ( World War II ), as a partner factory of Dainippon Weapons Co., Ltd. (currently Komatsu NTC ), In 1945, the factory function was evacuated from Iwata to Isobe-cho , Tochigi City, Tochigi Prefecture , and the war ended there . [1]

Due to the dismantling of the former Japanese army and the munitions industry in Japan under the Allied occupation , Sodensha was converted into a "peace industry" in 1947 and became a private industry factory [1] . However, in 1950 (Showa 25), the production of hunting guns in Japan was approved by the Allied Forces General Command , and the supply of hunting guns to the domestic market was resumed for the first time in 13 years since 1938 (Showa 13). [2] Since that same year, Denden began mass production of civilian hunting guns. [1] Except for gunsmiths that have been scattered since Ichii and gunsmiths who made Murata-style shotguns , and made- to- order products made by Gunsmith who belonged to the gun shop, Fuji Seiki), Singer Nikko , and other companies in the same period of the later years entered earlier.

The production of the original folding single gun began in 1952 (1927), which was preceded by Miroku and Japanese hunting gun precision machines that entered the previous year [2] , but in the following 1953 (Showa 28) Also started production of original folding single guns and horizontal double-shotguns ( English version ) [1] , and Nikko 's nickname [3] for “ Nikko ” was registered as a trademark at the time, and it will appear for the first time in the world. [1]

In 1956 (Showa 31), he succeeded in making a prototype of a double shotgun, and started mass production soon. This was the first time in history of Japanese firearms ( English version ) , and coupled with the speed of the re-entry, it became the reason why it was called “a leading high-end gun specialist manufacturer” aside from other companies in the same year. [1 ] Edited by Olin Shudensha (1961-1985)

In 1958 , Shodensha began exporting Nikko brand upper and lower double shotguns through the Kyowa Trade Bus route [1] , and in the North American market, New York Continental Arms [4] was an import agent [3]

At this time, Olin Corporation ( English version ) , which owned the United States firearm maker Winchester-Western [Note 1] , focused on Nikko's manufacturing technology of Nikko's upper and lower doubles. In the following 1959, he consulted with Dodensha on a capital and technical alliance via Winchester-Western [1] .

In 1961 , Shindensha merged equally with Winchester-Western Japan, reorganized the company name as Olin Shudensha Co. , Ltd., and in parallel with the traditional Nikko brand, The licensed production of the shotgun, Winchester M101 [5] ( supplied by OEM ) has started [1] . Later, in 1976 (Showa 51), the low-priced version of M101, Winchester M96 [6] , and in 1978 (Showa 53), the horizontal double-shotgun Winchester M23 [7] were also licensed. In addition, the name of the former company, Seidensha, was diverted as the name of the sales department, and remained as Seidensha Co. , Ltd. , and domestic small and medium-sized trading companies such as Nippon Shoji and Mita Shoten joined the sales department as partner companies. [8]

The business tie-up with Olin has been a huge tailwind for the development of Soden. Prior to the alliance, although the mechanics of Gunden were highly technical, their manufacturing facilities were still old, and it was impossible to meet the strong demand in the North American firearms market. Olin has invested millions of dollars in capital expenditures , bringing Winden to production capacity comparable to Winchester's New Haven , Connecticut plant. On the other hand, Olin Shudensha is said to have been one of the conditions at the time of the business alliance with Olin “Nikko brand shotguns (produced in parallel at the Tochigi factory, which is also the asset of Olin in the United States) It is said that the company provided business only to the Japanese market and does not export outside Japan. The lineup of Winchester shotguns at that time was the mid-range price range of M101, so the best part of the French walnut stock in the Tochigi factory with the finest grain ( English version ) is the finest for the domestic market. Although it was used for Nikko Grand Day, which is a price range product, and the remaining part was used for M101, an American employee dispatched directly from US companies in Olin and Winchester There are only two employees , and at the height of the 1960s, it was impossible to closely monitor the situation in the Tochigi factory where 400 Japanese employees [Note 2] engaged in firearm production. [3] Nikko Arms (1970-1981)

Olin Shuden has taken further steps to circumvent the Nikko brand restrictions with Olin. In 1970, Nikko Arms Co. , Ltd. was established in the Tochigi Factory as a sister company of Orin Sodensha, and all Nikko brand shotguns were directly related to Olin (US). (There is no) manufactured by Nikko Arms. " Nikko Arms has developed a new Nikko Shadow , a double-shot double shotgun, based on technical information from Olin, and exported it not only to Japan but also to other countries around the world [3] . Olin, USA, was aware of the fact that Olin Seiden is expanding the world with its original contract based on the equipment and technical information it provided. He needed technical and production capabilities and was virtually silent. [9]

Anyway, the Nikko Arms double-shotguns are essentially similar to the Winchester double-shotguns manufactured by Olin Sodensha, and the final grain is more precise than Winchester. [10] Even today, it has been recognized as a rare vintage luxury item in North America because of its grand finish.

Nikko Arms exports and supplies OEMs to Continental Arms as described above, as well as the Golden Eagle brand (1974-1982) developed by Kanematsue Shoji , a general trading company in Japan, in Arlington Heights, Illinois [11] , Tacoma , Washington, Inc., Tradewinds (1971-1972) [12] , Marubeni US Corporation's Mida brand (1972-1974) [13] , Nikko Brand in Salt Lake City , Utah International Star Commerce (ISCC,? -1982) and Moore Supply (? -Mid 1981), acting as import agents, and Nikko US corporation established in Los Angeles , California (? -December 1981) ), Savage / Fox brand sold Nikko of gas auto and repeater (pump action) at the Savage Arms ( English version ) (1981 - 1982) [14] , Sold-shaft gas auto Charles Daily Fire Arms ( English version ) (-? 1980s and early) [14] and Kasuna Import, Inc. (? - early 1980s) [Note 3] [15] [16] [ 17] Sears Roebuck, who sold Winchester M101 under the Ted Williams badge name (? -1978 ) [18] [19] [Note 4] [20] [21] , up and down under the trademark High Standard Supermatic More than a dozen companies, including high standards [22] that imported doubles and gas autos [3] [Note 5] [23] .

Among them, Nikko's world-class business partner was Wetherby ( English version ) led by Roy Wetherby ( English version ) . Wetherby, famous for making custom rifles using large-diameter magnum shells such as .460 Weatherby Magnum , entered the shotgun business in 1969, and from that same year Angelo based in Brescia , Italy Nikko was responsible for Zori, Inc. [24] , two-upper and lower, Japanese KTG Industry [Note 6] [25] semi-automatic shotgun ( English version ) and 22 caliber ( English version ) rifle [26] In 1972 (Showa 47), instead of KTG Industry, Wetherby Centurion Gas Auto, and in the following 1973 (Showa 48), we started supplying Weatherby Patrician repeaters on an OEM basis [27] [28] . However, when inflation progressed in Europe in the 1970s, the Weatherby Regency upper and lower double shotguns manufactured by Angelo Zori could break down the manufacturing costs, and the upper and lower double tubes manufactured by Nikko since 1978. A shotgun was newly sold as Weatherby Olympian . [29]

Another noteworthy part of Nikko's overseas expansion is the joint development of a large-caliber rifle with Golden Eagle. In 1971, Nikko was also involved in the production of the Weatherby Mark XXII small-caliber semi-automatic rifle in the form of an OEM replacement with KTG Industries [26] and has some experience in rifles. However, before and after the establishment of Golden Eagle in 1974 (Showa 49), he began exploring the advancement of large-diameter rifles, which had been the sole focus of Toyoka Industries in Japan, and in 1976 ( Bolt ) Released the Nikko M7000 Golden Eagle action rifle. The M7000 had a one-piece cock-on opening turn bolt of the Mosel M98 ( English version ) type, but the locking lug was concentrated at the rear of the bolt, near the bolt handle like Lee Enfield. The biggest feature is that there is no locking lug on the bolt face inserted into the chamber . The structure itself, which was a compromise between Mosel and Enfield, was announced by Schulz & Larsen ( English version ) in 1966 as Schulz & Larsen M68DL [30] Nikko combined this with a patented adjustable trigger system to appeal to the market. This trigger mechanism can be used to change the trigger pull by adjusting the shear of the production gun for the majority of production guns. In the trigger system and functionality of aftermarket products such as Chimney Trigger, Inc. Something that didn't change much was installed, but at the time of patent acquisition, it had a function that achieved both safety and lightness of the trigger pull with a double single trigger [31] It was almost the same as the Accu-Trigger ( English version ) system announced by Savage Arms in 2002 . The M7000 safety device ( English version ) is a two-position system that fixes only the trigger, and does not implement a bolt fixing function like the Kar98k flag safety device. The ammunition used a three-shot box magazine, but it took a rather unusual form of inserting the magazine after opening the floor plate. The caliber ranges from small caliber bullets such as .22-250 Remington bullets to very common ones such as .30-06 Springfield bullets , and powerful such as .338 Winchester Magnum. The M7000 has a wide range of magnum shells, but the M7000 has a grade ( Elephant Gun ) for big game hunting ( English ) called African, and the M7000 African has .375 H & H Extremely powerful shells were also available, such as Magnum and .458 Winchester Magnum , which were used to target prey called big five games ( English version ) , the most dangerous game of safari hunting. This is the largest caliber of Japanese-made rifles until Toyoka Industries added a .375 Luger bullet to the Toyoka M1500 in 2008 ( 2008 ), a reviewer of the “Bolt Action Rifles” magazine Frank de Haas said, “Although there are many imitations of methods such as the S & L M68 and Winchester M70 [Note 7], they are designed to be based on large-diameter Magnum bullets and are inherently robust and reliable. This is a rifle with a mechanism that is sufficient, but it is not just a dead copy , but the number of locking lugs that were four in the M68DL has been increased to five, and other bolt actions such as reaction lugs and bolt stop lugs have been incorporated. The point of normal evolution is worthy of evaluation. " [33]

The M7000 was sold in Europe , including West Germany , by Winchester GmbH as Winchester M777 until the early 1980s [34] , and in 1977 (Showa 52), the design of its characteristic appearance was registered [35] etc. Nikko has been accumulating a track record as a comprehensive manufacturer of firearms for the private sector. According to the Blue Book of Gun Values, US officials described the situation where Olin Seiden and Nikko Arms were side by side as a “dual factory” [3] .

Olin Shudensha was actively developing firearms at this time, but did not enter into the clay shooting range management like the new SKB [36] or Miroku [37] . There is a Nikko Tochigi Fire Range that bears the same Nikko name in Tochigi City, where the Olin Shudensha is based, but there is no capital relationship between the two companies. OK Industry (1985-1991)

However, the growth of the “double factory” between Olin Shuden and Nikko Arms did not last long.

As a result of revisions to the Law on Possession of Guns, Swords, etc. , which continued in the 1970s, the number of new guns sold in Japan peaked in 1975 (Showa 50) and dropped to almost half in 1978 (Showa 53). In addition, there was a situation in which the management of Japanese firearm manufacturers, which had become extremely dependent on exports due to the recession of the yen, was under pressure. In the meantime, in 1979, Olin Seiden fell into debt excess and applied for company consolidation procedure [38] under the Commercial Code (reorganization company) and became virtually bankrupt . [2]

KTG Industries went bankrupt in 1980 (Showa 55), when the number of domestic new guns sold was about 13% compared to 1975, and SKB Industries went bankrupt in 1981. In the same year, Orin Shuden, which had been aiming to rebuild its business, also stopped operating. All Nikko Arms and other companies belonging to the Nikko Arms are in a state of collapse, and Nikko as a firearm brand will end at this time. As a result, Wetherby and other Nikko Arms OEM suppliers were forced to suspend or withdraw from the shotgun business, or to select new OEM suppliers.

Olin US rescued the former Orin Sodensha Co., Ltd. to prevent the Tochigi Plant from being demolished, and changed its trade name to OK Kogyo Co., Ltd. (OK Industry) in 1985 (Showa 60) [39] After that, only the OEM supply business of Winchester shotguns was to be continued. KTG Industries succeeded in rebuilding its management and succeeded in producing Weatherby's semi-automatic shotguns and small caliber rifles until 1989, and SKB Industry was reorganized as a new SKB industry. Was selected as an OEM supplier of the upper and lower double shotguns, but on the other hand, the scale of production at the OK industry was reduced to nearly 70% of the peak [Note 9] [39] , and the Nikko brand was finally revived. It was never done. The Nikko brand M7000 Golden Eagle, which Nikko focused on its development, was discontinued with the end of the Nikko brand.

OEM supply to foreign firearm manufacturers was also made during the OK industry era, but it was not exported by the Nikko brand's original route, but a Winchester shotgun badge for companies that had a business alliance with Winchester until the end It was only in the form of engineering supply. OEM suppliers at this time were Parker ( English ) Reproductions ( English ) brand (1984-1989 ) developed in Middlesex , NJ by chemical manufacturer Regnant Chemical and Research [40] And Classic Doubles International Inc. (1987-1990) [41] , which had been importing horizontal double shotguns under the Classic Doubles brand in St. Louis , Missouri. Since then, the yen 's appreciation has rapidly increased, making it unprofitable. In October 1987, the Black Economy was disrupted by the U.S. economy, and Olin finally gave up production in Japan. This month, the export from North America was stopped. The replica business of Parker Horizontal Duplex, which was conducted under the leadership of Winchester in the United States, also ended at this time, but Olin in the United States told Parker Reproductions customers that `` Tochigi factory (OK industry) “ The company moved to manufacture automobile parts and withdrew from firearm manufacturing, making it impossible to continue manufacturing.”

OK's management right at this time left Olin's hands and survived in the form of being repurchased by the management team of the former Shindensha era. [43] The company continued to ship to Classic Doubles and Japan, but the operation was completely stopped in 1991 and the Tochigi Plant was closed. In 2010 (Heisei 22), the former OK industry completed the liquidation, but the problem over the use of the vast ruins was still a dark shadow on the Tochigi municipal government led by Yoshiyuki Hinatano [44] [45] [46] .

OK Kogyo's corporate number record does not specifically describe the history of the deregistration of the corporate registration, and it seems that the legal entity itself continues to exist as of 2017 even after the completion of the liquidation. [47] Etc. are in a state as they were when they were closed. Then

As of 2017, there are many shotguns and rifles manufactured by Seidensha and Nikko in Japan and around the world, especially the original folding type shotguns, which often retain the characteristics of Old Winchester. Preservation is taking place [10] .

The new SKB industry, which inherited the Wetherby top and bottom OEM from Nikko, withdrew from the OEM supply in 2004 (Heisei 16) and closed down in 2009 (Heisei 21), and after 2007 Fausti Stefano of Italy I am in charge of manufacturing.

Wetherby's pump action and semi-automatic shotgun OEM continued with KTG Industry changing the model name [Note 10] , but was discontinued in 1989 (Heisei 1st year) [Note 11] [48] The pump action had been disrupted for nearly 20 years until 2008 when it was resumed by an OEM by Turkish ATA Arms . Semi-automatic was re-entered by the new SKB OEM in 1999 (Heisei 11), but in 2002, the Italian Valtoro company, famous for the military shotgun Valtoro PM-5 ( English version ) Since 2008, it has been made by Turkish ATA Arms [49] [50] .

The Wetherby Mark XXII OEM supply was replaced by Mosberg in 1979, before Nikko Arms went bankrupt. Roth Wetherby was enraged with this situation, despite Mosberg's contract to supply 25,000 tons at a price 30% cheaper than Nikko Arms, but he was faced with a problem that he was not satisfied with the planned production and quality. Version ) was forced to cancel the contract in 1983 . After the alliance with Mosberg was terminated, Roy immediately contacted Toyoka Industries , which had been entrusted with the OEM supply of Weatherby Mark V ( English version ) and Weatherby Vanguard , until the model was abolished in 1988. Continued OEM supply of XXII [51] . When Toyoka Industries manufactured Mark V's 1984 Los Angeles Olympics commemorative gun in 1,000 liters in 1984 the following year, the first was purchased by US President Ronald Reagan [52] It was during this period that Roy Wetherby had earnest confidence. [51] Weatherby's 22 caliber rifle has not been available for a long time since 1988, but the mark XXII revived in 2010 by Anschutz 's OEM supply.

As for the Winchester shotgun OEM, as of 2017, the upper and lower doubles are performed at Browning Arms ' Belgian factory, but the lever action ( English version ) Winchester rifle has been developed by Miroku since 1993. I am in charge of manufacturing. When consigning the production of lever action, which is the identity of Winchester itself, to Miroku, there was an objection that it should be produced independently at the New Haven factory, even within Winchester, but eventually in the era of Olin It was said that the experience of watching Japanese craftsmen's technical skills became the decisive factor. [53]

Classic Doubles International went bankrupt before OK Industry, but the company's managers are strongly aware of the excellent structure of the Classic Doubles M101 , which was supplied by OK Industries. In 1993, he launched Connecticut Valley Classics (CVC), a firearm manufacturer active mainly in the New England region. CVC follows the design of the Classic Doubles M101 from metric to yard-pound inch screws. Redesigned the engine and steel brackets made of steel to stainless steel , and resumed production as CVC M101 . Manufactured and sold until 1998, when operations were suspended. This is the last time that, as of 2017, a firearm that was directly connected to the lineage of firearms designed by Sodensha and Nikko Arms was manufactured. [55]

In Japan, Nihonko's old trademark [57] was added to magazine advertisements that the Sakagami Gunpowder Store, which contributed to the continuation of after-sales service of New SKB Industry, continued Nikko after-sales support until the late 2000s . [58] Structural feature

After the Nikko Arms were established, Shudensha's original folding shotguns were basically very strongly influenced by Winchester.In addition to the robustness of the Winchester transfer structure, safety was evaluated as follows. I was receiving.

Yukichi Ito, one of the developers of the 64-type 7.62mm rifle , made several comments on the Winchester shotguns of the Olin Shudensha era in 1981 (Showa 56). I'm coming. Among them, the horizontal double Winchester M23 said, “The locking bolt that works in conjunction with the opening and closing lever also restricts the trigger operation, so if the opening and closing lever is slightly displaced in the release direction, the trigger can be pulled. On the other hand, when the trigger is pulled, the locking bolt cannot be retracted and the opening / closing lever does not move, so that the chamber cannot be released. It is said that it is a "(structural) safe original folding gun" that is compatible with the "unable to pull the trigger". " To do this, you can test whether the trigger can be triggered by stuffing the dowel on the barrel side, into which the locking bolt is inserted, with cardboard. There is a danger that an attack may occur. " As for Winchester M101, the upper and lower two series, `` Since it appeared in 1961, the same structure as M23 has been maintained for almost 20 years, but it was shut down while triggering in the U.S. Due to the fact that some people have fired and caused complaints , rocking bolts (from around 1979) limit the trigger operation directly in order to prevent such use-related explosions. The trigger disconnector ( English version ) is activated instead of the structure, so that the trigger and shear are disconnected. The two safetys of “impossible” have been lost. ” Ito said, “Olin Shinden engineers, who received a design change instruction from the US Winchester headquarters, said,“ Since such usage (which can trigger a slam fire) is fundamentally wrong , The design change may not be accepted (which may reduce safety ) '' but protested but was not accepted, and finally observed Japanese shooters at the shooting range in Japan, and pulled the trigger like the United States “There were so many people who closed it, so they agreed to change the design.” [59]

In the UK, not only Winchester M101 manufactured by Olinn Denden, but also the Winchester M6500 and Winchester M8500, which were specially designed for the European market by Olinn , are still highly evaluated even in the 2010s . 1994 Although it was OEM-supplied by Marocchi in Italy, it was discontinued in just a few years, and Winchester M1001 was rumored to have serious problems in reliability and safety, and Browning Belgium in 2001 Mike George, the writer of the hunting magazine “ Shooting Times ” ( English version ) , is highly evaluated relative to the Winchester Supreme factory and the Winchester Select series manufactured since 2004. A series of Winchester upper and lower series manufactured by the company It is considered to have a high asset value even today because it is superior to any Winchester model manufactured by the manufacturer, and there is no model suitable for replacement until today. The M101 was essentially the same as the predecessor Supreme and Select, whose internal structure was strongly influenced by the locking pin action [60] of Pietro Beretta , and expected the reintroduction of the M101 made by Olin Shuden I was a little disappointed that some of the owners of the British M101 made by Olin Seiden Co., Ltd. can't help choosing Miroku for replacement, ”he said. [61] [62]

Parker's horizontal duplex replica , manufactured by the OK industry at the end, accurately reproduces the original Parker horizontal duplex design manufactured in the 19th century using modern steel and uses smokeless gunpowder Remington Arms, who owns Parker's trademark rights, has been able to use the actual shot of the current shot ( English version ) as it is, and above all, because it is manufactured less than the original Parker Horizontal Duplex. Even after today (Heisei 18), with the contract manufacturing of the Connecticut Shotgun Company [Note 12] , we continue to produce orders for the Parker Gun Makers brand. In the United States, it is regarded as a gun that has the same quality as the high-grade horizontal doubles in Europe, such as Britain, Italy, and Spain. [42] [63] Parker Brothers is one of the earliest mass-produced firearm manufacturers in the United States, and is known for providing high-quality firearms at a price that can be fully purchased by US consumers in the 19th century. [64] Parker Reproduction is recognized by collectors as collectable as the original. Production model For details, see " List of Shotguns "

In principle, the following describes the post-double factory system after Nikko Arms was established, and only OEM models other than Winchester that do not have a Nikko brand model are listed. Upper and lower duplex

Nikko's upper and lower double guns, as a rule, are mostly box-locked ( English version ) type using coil springs. The barrel selector is integrated with the safety device and can only be switched to the barrel unless it is in the safe position. Most of the striker switching during shooting is a classic pendulum type (inertia trigger) [65] , so when shooting at storage, etc., the selector must be operated or the striker must be switched by lightly impacting the stock. I must. Most of the triggers are gold- plated. Non-slip checkering has been applied to advanced products such as shadows. An optional forward / backward trigger can also be selected. The advanced products used many high-grade materials such as ivory for the sight.

   Nikko World Custom-A side-locked ( upper and lower ) double gun that was manufactured only in a very small number. The existing number appears to be negligible . [66] 
   Nikko Grandee Custom-Nikko's finest product. Side plate [Note 13] specification. Only Grandy and Shadow are characterized in that the barrel dowels are inserted so as to penetrate the bottom of the engine part, and it is possible to distinguish it from popular products by having three fitting holes in the engine part [67] . 
   Nikko Shadow-Luxury Nikko clay shooting gun.
       M5500 [68] -Top product with engine turn ( English version ) on the sliding surface. The barrel is equipped with a 13mm floating semi-wide rib with white stripe coating on the side called “airflow rib”, and the engine part is black dyed or nitriding finish with “Shadow” logo on the bottom. The checkering of the “skip line” pattern [69] is given to the wood part of the grip and so on, and the elongate heat dissipation hole with the gold edge is provided in the stand. The high standard was sold under the name Supermatic Shadow Indy . [70]
       M5400-Japanese hunting encyclopedia only contains model name, but details are unknown [1] . Overseas, it does not have the airflow rib and skipline checker, which had been equipped with the M5500, the tip with the heat radiation hole, the engine part shape does not penetrate the bottom of the engine part, and Nikko is also on the bottom The model using the engine part of the same shape as the M5000 series and M2000 series, where only the No. name is engraved in English, is sold under the name Supermatic Shadow Seven [70] [71] , Nikko There is a record [72] that a similar model was sold under the Nikko Shadow brand in an overseas corporation. 
   Nikko M5000-A model made mainly for export and OEM supply. The engine shape is similar to the shadow series, but no shadow subname is given.
       M5300 [73]
       M5200 [74]
       M5100 [75]
       M5000-Exported under the Nikko brand is considered to be based on the Shadow Series [76] , and the OEM supply to other companies is based on Winchester M101 [77]. The structure around the ejector is different even with the same model name. Yes. 
   Nikko M2000-Popular model mainly for domestic use. The shape of the engine is similar to the Shadow series, but this is also not given a shadow subname.
       M2500 [78]
       M2400 [79]
       M2300 [80]
       M2200 [81]
       M2100 [82]
       M2000 [83] 
   Nikko Special M199 (Nikko Special)-A special model created for the Japanese team of the 1976 Montreal Olympics . This model name was given because the test shooter used this gun and marked 199 points in the 200-shot rule at that time. [84] The M5000 series unsculpted black dyeing engine department has the same shape as the Grand Day, the stock with the Monte Carlo com, and the opening and closing lever is also decorated with a golden inlaid crown mark like the Grand Day. have. There are also specifications overseas that are engraved with a nitriding finish [85] . 
   Nikko M8300 [86] [87] -Clay shooting gun with unknown production date and destination. Although only a few existing guns can be confirmed overseas, the shape of the engine part of each gun is M5000 series, the side ribs that join the upper and lower barrels are lightened, and the muzzle is Winchester's winch ( exchange choke) ( English version ) Nikko from around 1981 when Winchoke specification was added at least to Winchester M101 because it adopted the structure that became the mainstream even later in clay shooting competition guns.・ It seems that only a very short period until the end of the brand was manufactured. 
   Winchester M101-Winchester's first double up and down. It is also said that the design was based on Browning Superposed , the last gun designed by John Browning . A higher-level model called Pigeon Grade was also available.
       Winchester M96-A low-priced version of M101 added in 1976. The expert (Xpert) subname was given [90] .
       Winchester M501-Top model added in 1981. The Grand European subname was given [88] . Since 1981 when the M501 was added to the M101 series, the shape around the stand was changed from the model before the 1980 [91] , and the appearance was the same as the European model described later.
       Models for Europe-The following three types are available, and it is said that the M101 was based on the Americans and the physique was smaller than the Americans .
           Winchester M5500 [92]
           Winchester M6500 [93]
           Winchester M8500 [94] 
   Nikko NT-Winchester double gun badge engineering model in the Nikko brand [Note 14] . It is characterized by the end cap [8] using this ivory for the grip.
       NTK [95] [96]
       NTG [97] -Trap competition gun equipped with a wide ventilated rib barrel, Monte Carlo comb stock and this ivory end cap.
       NTW [98]
       NTS-NTK and NTG were black dyed engine departments, whereas NTS had a nitriding finish like NTW. 
   Nikko EVB-A badge engineering model of Winchester upper and lower double guns, just like the NT series. Unlike the NT series, the end cap is black. In Japan, there is a “DX” model as an advanced product [99] . Model numbers such as “M712” [100] for the 12th ( English version ) specification overseas, “M720” [101] for the 20th specification, and “M741” [102] for the 410th ( English version ) specification are given overseas. However, the naming convention was different from other models although it was a series of M700. The following four types of models that have the same naming convention as EVB can be confirmed.
       M800 [103]
       M600 [104]
       M500 [105] -The presence of M512 as a model number of Nikko popular spread double gun is also described in the catalog for dealers in the early Showa 30s, and the model name of EVB series is Nikko's shotgun [106] It is known that the naming convention was very old.
       M300 [107] 
   Nikko Grandee-Side lock type upper and lower double gun that seems to be made based on Winchester M101. The shape of each part is different from the side plate specification Grandy Custom, the stand is NT series, the crown is not applied to the opening and closing lever, and there is no dowel fitting hole on the bottom like the M5000 series and NT series The engine part is used, and the model name is greatly engraved on the side of the engine part with "MODEL GRANDEE" and gold inlay [108] . In the US, individuals sold under the Miida brand as Miida Grand Day also exist, and it seems that the production was only in the early 1970s when the Miida brand was deployed. [109] 

Horizontal duplex Parker Horizontal Duplex with Dolls Head, published in Breeder and Sportsman (1893). Nikko challenged the re-production of Parker with the same structure. Parker Troy, the cheapest version of Parker Horizontal Duplex. Although Nikko did not recreate Troy, the engine structure was found to have some common features in the Classic Doubles M201.

In the history of firearms ( English version ) , the original folding horizontal double gun, which was invented by most mechanisms in the UK, is said to be a form that is essentially difficult to manufacture and mass-produced [110] . In addition, it does not manufacture many products in the popular price range of single-stage dowels (single stop), but is characterized by a complex and difficult to mass-produce format.

   Winchester M23-The Nikko brand was also sold as Nikko M23 [111] . The closing mechanism is an orthodox two-stage dowel (double stop) system.
   Parker Reproduction-The Parker Brothers high-end model [112] , which adopted the Doll 's Head (doll neck) method invented by Westley Richards ( English version ) of the UK as a closure mechanism . The Dolls Head, which fixes the engine part and barrel with a mortise joint of complex shape, is far more difficult to produce than the Greener Cross Bolt (inside-plug triple stop) system invented by WW Greener It was said that due to its uniqueness and difficulty in adjusting the slides, it was said that "Our mechanical mass production was a difficult task" until Olin Sodenden succeeded in the production. [39] According to Parker Gun Collectors Association (PGCA), the Parker Gun Collectors Association (PGCA), the original Parker Horizontal Duplex is a dolls head method divided into 10 grades and the Dolls Head is omitted. Parker Reproduction produced three types of Parker Reproduction: 2nd Grade A-1 , 5th Grade BH , and 7th Grade DH. Manufactured as a model without chicken head ( English version ) and ejector , and replacement choke ( English version ) models and soft iron shot ( English version ) compatible models were also available, but the price was very expensive, so OK Even after bankruptcy, it was said that stocks were sold until around 1997. [113]
   Classic Doubles M201-Based on Winchester M23, a model with a unique closure mechanism that improves the two-stage dowel method [114] [115] [116] Because it was designed at the end of the OK industry, very few were produced compared to the upper and lower duplex M101 [117] and no re-production at CVC. This gun's closing mechanism is similar to Parker's horizontal duplex in that it has an ejector operation latch that doubles as a locking lug on the first stage of the two-stage dowel, and is used in advanced grades to reduce manufacturing costs. Parker Troy's method [119] , which was manufactured by omitting the T-shaped Dolls head structure [118] , was also designed. 

Semi-automatic / pump

Nikko was also working on OEM supply of Wetherby in collaboration with KTG Industry, and was also producing semi-automatic and pump action under the Nikko brand, but it was made exclusively for export and OEM supply, so its name recognition Low.

   Nikko Shadow F-1-A semi-automatic shotgun that appears to be the Nikko brand version of the Weatherby Centurion and Savage / Fox FA1 [14 ] . The high standard was sold under the name Supermatic Shadow, and was sold with wide ribs with the same “airflow rib” design as the Shadow M5500. [70] [121]
       Nikko Auto M1000-A model that seems to be the successor to the Shadow F-1. An individual with an arabesque pattern engraved on the institutional part [122] and an individual with only “NIKKO M-1000” engraved on the right side of the institutional part without any black dyeing [123] .
       Nikko Woodland Mark-XII-A model that seems to be the successor of the Auto M1000. It is possible to confirm the existence of a black dye-free sculpture that is engraved with only "WOODLAND MARK-XII" on the right side of the engine department and "NIKKO" on the left side. [124] [125] In the 1970s, Winchester M1400 and Winchester M1500 Gas Auto existed in the US Winchester [126] , so the above three gas pressure actuated semi-automatic shotguns have not been sold under the Winchester brand. 
   Nikko Magnum Hunter III-A pump action shotgun that seems to be a Nikko brand version of Wetherby Patrician and Savage / Fox FP1 [14] . Compatible with 3-inch Magnum ammunition. It seems that it was sold at the same time as the Woodland Mark XII, and there is an individual that has been engraved with only "MAGNUM HUNTER III" on the right side of the engine part without any black dyeing. [127] The Winchester brand was not confirmed for sale due to the presence of the Winchester M1200 at that time. 

Rifle Wetherby Mark XXII

   Golden Eagle M7000 [128] -The design of the gun is Golden Eagle's Marion M. Robinson. [31] [35] 
   Wetherby Mark XXII-This gun was originally designed by Pietro Beretta, and Nikko was responsible for OEM supply in partnership with KTG Industries.

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