Miroku, founded 1892. BC Miroku is named after B. Takeyoshi, and C is named after Chiyogame.

Early models of the pre-Citori era, all have Browning style floating extractors with ejector springs and kickers in the fore part. Early guns used V springs, later on there was a conversion to coil in both fore part and action.

Distibuted by Parker-Hale in at least 1970~1974.

  • 500 & 500E side by sides, E for ejector, some assembled in Korea.
  • 600
  • 650
  • 700 28" game with half pistol grip, or 26" skeet
  • 800, W, S, SW, HSW, trap and skeet
  • ORE

HSW W for wide rib

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